west bloomfield teacher protest1 10 11 10 dl1 West Bloomfield Teachers PicketHundreds of West Bloomfield teachers have taken their contract stalemate to the picket line, protesting pay cuts proposed by the district aimed at erasing a $1.7 million budget deficit.

Teachers conducted an informational picket before Monday night’s school board meeting. They say it’s the first time in 30 years they’ve hit the picket line. Union members were not allowed to comment during the meeting on the ongoing negotiations.

The district has asked teachers who have been without a contract since August to take a 10 percent pay cut. The district would then freeze pay at that lower level.

West Bloomfield Education Association president Kim Pilarski says the union has proposed cuts worth $2.8 million and said despite the contract dispute, teachers will still be in the classroom teaching students.

“Because we’re teachers, we will give the same service we’ve always given in the classroom from the time we go to school to the time we leave school, we’ll have the same service, they’ll get the same outstanding information and same training and same experience they’ve always gotten,” Pilarski told WWJ’s Mike Campbell.

Rick Arnett, West Bloomfield Schools Superintendent of Human Resources and Labor Relations, says he’s confident a deal will be reached. But Arnett says if the district operates “as is” this year, $1.4-million will be added to the district’s deficit, putting the district over $3-million in the hole.

Talks resume Oct. 19.

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  1. Ken L. says:

    Fire! every last stinking one of them! They probobly want some huge raise for not teaching our kids properly. Or maybe they want more money to not teach in the summer. Take your paycut like the rest of us and shut the hell up!

    1. myownveritas says:

      So the board wants to have the teachers’ salaries pay for the $70,000 gifts that was given to 8 administrators. I wasn’t a math major but this seems to comes about one third of the publicized deficit. It sounds like the WB school administration and school board has been acting as if they had money to burn and wants to place all the burden and blame on the teachers. Maybe the board members took some lessons from Kwame Kilpatrick in money management of public funds.

      1. xxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

        38 teachers also received $70,000 to leave the district. $14, 000 each year for five years paid into an annuity. Not Cash

  2. West Bloomfield says:

    Ken. I have 13 years of teaching and my pay cut which is 39% takes me to the salary of an assistant manager of a fast food restaurant. Over 8 administrators in the district took a $70,000 bonus to leave…and then rehired at the same salary for the same job! (contract employees) I try to teach my students to research a topic before making a judgement ..maybe school would be good for you. try youtube: WBEA Picket..all are facts and can be verified.

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