Postal Workers Complain Under Pressure

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postaldl e1287006041376 Postal Workers Complain Under PressureLetter carriers in seven Metro Detroit post offices are complaining  that they’re being pressured to work faster. Told that they must complete their rounds by 5 p.m, some carriers claim is  creating a “hostile work environment.”

Shannon Labruyer, spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, tells WWJ that customers want their mail earlier and more quickly in these times when digital media is king.

“A lot of it is from factors like text-messaging or Facebook accounts, social networks. So, we’ve seen a big difference. We’ve seen it impact our bottom line,” Labruyer said.

LaBruyere said they’re simply trying to remain competitive, and making sure no one is out after dark.

“Because there’s so much good in getting back to the office by five, the postal service has been asking out employees to do that. And, not only are we asking them to do that — we’re trying to manage the office in such a way that it’s a reasonable thing for them to do,” she said.

It’s been suggested that carriers could begin their day earlier than they do now, in order to finish on time.

The carriers have sent a petition to Michigan U.S. Senator Carl Levin asking him to look into the situation.

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