postaldl e1287006041376 Postal Workers Complain Under PressureLetter carriers in seven Metro Detroit post offices are complaining  that they’re being pressured to work faster. Told that they must complete their rounds by 5 p.m, some carriers claim is  creating a “hostile work environment.”

Shannon Labruyer, spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service, tells WWJ that customers want their mail earlier and more quickly in these times when digital media is king.

“A lot of it is from factors like text-messaging or Facebook accounts, social networks. So, we’ve seen a big difference. We’ve seen it impact our bottom line,” Labruyer said.

LaBruyere said they’re simply trying to remain competitive, and making sure no one is out after dark.

“Because there’s so much good in getting back to the office by five, the postal service has been asking out employees to do that. And, not only are we asking them to do that — we’re trying to manage the office in such a way that it’s a reasonable thing for them to do,” she said.

It’s been suggested that carriers could begin their day earlier than they do now, in order to finish on time.

The carriers have sent a petition to Michigan U.S. Senator Carl Levin asking him to look into the situation.

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  1. Rod says:

    Postal workers have become the laziest and least dependable public service people ever! They cut across your grass, step in flower beds to put mail in the mail box, have surly attitudes when asked not to walk on grass/flower beds, and just STUFF mail into the mail box any way they want. When they hire in for the job of postal delivery, they know what the job requires. Once in that position, they whine and refuse to deliver mail is they have a hang nail, or a customer sneezes, causing the postal worker to cry “Influenza Outbreak”, I can’t deliver mail, I might be pregnant in a year. Get over yourselves, do the damn job and show respect fot the customers.

  2. Jim says:

    If the P. O. starting encouraging the use of stamps on all mail, maybe, just maybe, they’d encourage some younger people to get interested in the stamp collecting hobby. If the mail of years past came the way it does now, I’d never have been interested in the hobby. Just do the math; if a million new people got interested in postage stamps, and those million people, plus those already collecting, saved just one stamp of every issue the P. O. has each year, they’d have money for stamps that would never be used for postage. In two words: free money. Think about it!

  3. Dave says:

    Boo Hoo…..If you have ever gone to the “Bulk Mail Unit” at the main post office downtown, you would not feel sorry for these people. Being that it is a Monopoly, I have had to go here for Bulk Mailings for over 10 years now….Although some employees are nice, the majority are the rudest ever!!!! It’s to the point now that my business would rather pay the $.44 cost of a stamp rather than deal with the poor attitudes in order to get a discount….really sad!!!!!

  4. Jan Scholl says:

    I have no idea what the carriers do during their days other than put things in mailboxes. The carriers in my area drive trucks and we all have curb boxes. Very seldom do I have anything that will not fit my box and they would actually have to get out and put it on my porch. Several times over the last 20 years those large parcels have ended up in my bushes. I don’t know why. What we as customers have to deal with is surly employees inside the actual facility. I have stopped mailing things because I cannot deal with the hostile people who are supposed to help me get a package mailed. I now do electronic gift certificates instead of actual packages. I have tried several postal locations and its the same no matter where I go. I come out crying from the up sell badgering, the critical lambasting of how or why I have packaged items (I follow what is on the website) and the snide remarks when I turn down a service. I have a roll of forever stamps. When they are gone, so am I. I now only mail my taxes and every 10 years, a passport renewal. The PO killed themselves. Jan Scholl Flushing

  5. Rod says:

    All any one needs to do is look at the type of employee’s at the PO. Enough said!

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