winter weather in illinois Home Heat For Cheap This Winter?Winter heating bills will be less this year. At least,  that’s projection at this point for natural gas customers of MichCon. Experts are predicting a 6% decrease in home-heating costs from the winter of 2009.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with DTE’s Scott Simon who explained why.

“The primary reason gas bills will be lower is that we anticipate a decrease in the commodity price of natural gas. So, we’ve already seen the price of natural gas go down,” Simon said.

Simon said you might also have some of your green-going neighbors to thank.

“Many of our customers have adopted energy efficiency measures that have reduced the consumption of natural gas. Customers are consciously dialing down their thermostat,” he said.

One cautionary note — Simon said a lot still depends on just how cold or warm this winter will be.

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  1. DocPlum says:

    Then why did our heating bills go from $107 to $131 and, according to Cons. Power, the entire increase was due to higher natural gas costs?? Our LAST bill (the “catch up” bill) was actually LOWER than $107, meaning we were UNDER their original estimate for last year.??????

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