patterson brooks 4 e1287061901306 Oakland County Official Criticized For Blog’s Nazi ImageryA Jewish civil rights group says it’s “deeply disappointed” that Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson made a Nazi reference in a blog entry he wrote about Michigan’s 9th District congressional race.

Anti-Defamation League regional director Betsy Kellman said Wednesday the Holocaust analogy used by Patterson does “not contribute to legitimate debate” about the race between Democratic Rep. Gary Peters and Republican challenger Rocky Raczkowski.

In the blog entry posted Tuesday, Patterson accuses the Peters campaign of lying in a TV ad, mentions Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and refers to the incumbent as “Herr Peters.”

Patterson said the blog entry “should offend no one,” and tells WWJ Newsradio 950 he will not apologize for the analogy.

“Absolutely not. I think the blog speaks for itself and I stand behind it,” Patterson said.

 “What I said in my blog is that Gary Peters’ ad is a lie. And, I cited Goebbels, who was the administer of propaganda in the Nazi regime who said ‘Tell a lie, tell it big and tell it often’ — that’s the only reference and I’m trying to point out that Peters has adopted that mantra,” he said.

The Peters ad focuses on a lawsuit filed against Raczkowski by a Texas-based concert promoter, accusing him of fraud and theft.

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Comments (10)
  1. deeetroit says:

    If Brooks keeps going, he is going to ruin one of the greatest counties [the one he created] in the nation. He seems determined to drive it straight into a concrete wall. He needs to go to charm school.

    Long Time Supporter of Brooks

  2. Kelly says:

    Being of Jewish Desent, I am not offended by the comments of one person who has run one of the most fiscally responsible counties in the country. Anyone who knows Brooks, understands that he has love in his heart for the country, and the people in the county he serves. Both Jewish, and Non Jewish. Rocky’s parents are both Nazi Prison Camp survivors. Gary needs to be honest in his campaign, rather then use fair and scare tactics, wich is probably what Brooks was eluding to.

  3. Katja says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with Brooks Patterson’s statement, especially in light of what Gary Peters campaign did to one of Rocky Raczkowski’s campaign signs. The sign was outside a recent debate Hall and one of Peters campaign or supporters painted a Swastika on the sign and wrote “Rocky is a Nazi”. One of Peters supporters was caught and when questioned about this, the answer was, what’s so bad about this. Combine that with the fact that Rocky’s parent’s escaped from a Nazi concentratio camp, that makes this statement far worse, hurtful, and insulting. I wish the media would report the whole truth. Brooks was merely pointing out just how bad Peters and his people are using smear tactics in this campaing instead of focusing on the issues like Rocky does.

  4. Platitude burster says:

    perhaps Mr. Patterson is a bit too acclimated to authority if he things that he can issue a statement that his blog “should offend no one” and just make this go away. If you offend someone, apologize. Don’t tell them not to be offended. I had this conversation with my seven year old son not too long ago… wouldn’t have thought that it’d apply to the County Executive…

  5. DavidE says:

    I am asonished that long-time savvy politician Patterson would be foolish enough to write such a hurtful, disgsuting thing. Further, his response to criticism shows me the degree of arrogance to which he has stooped. Sounds like Mr. Patterson has gone dotty in his old age. Past time to retire, Mr. Patterson!

  6. Katja says:

    I wish folks would get off Brook’s back, this is what people should really be upset about

  7. resident says:

    Patterson got his start as a violent bigot and despite some very good PR he has NEVER really changed. Just a hateful drunk with no filter between brain and mouth.

    1. DavidE says:

      This is interesting — AND scary. I’ve not heard this before. Do you have sources for your statements? If yes, I’d like to know what they are.

  8. Joni says:

    Gary Peters has been honest – his ad was reviewed by the Michigan Truth Squad, which provided a factual analysis of the charges. Many news outlets have covered the lawsuit story. It’s also interesting that neither Rocky nor Brooks said a word about Republican Paul Welday used the lawsuit information in the primary campaign. Apparently, it’s only a problem when a Democrat brings up the subject…

  9. serchedrochergo says:

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