Pat Caputo: Lions Make Way Too Many Mistakes To Be Praised For Their Effort Or Progress

There will be those who look at the Lions’ 28-20 loss to the New York Giants Sunday, and see an improved football team that didn’t quit under adverse circumstances on the road against a quality opponent.

They will, however, be missing the point about why the Lions tied their own NFL record with a 24th consecutive road defeat.

In truth, the Lions may never win on the road again if they continue to play like they did Sunday game-in, game-out. They made so many mistakes, the Lions were fortunate it was even semi-close. for more

  • walt

    This kind of football has been going on for a long time now. This is an organization that prides itself in that kind of play. Stupid penalties after dropped passes after stupid penalties. These guys have been playing this game a long time now,they understand how to execute properly. They choose not to. The leo’s have been handed a couple of games to them so far this year for possible wins and they just refuse to accept them.

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