bernero virgap1 e1287521767610 Campaign 2010 Special Tonight On WWJThe Democratic candidate for Michigan governor, Virg Bernero, will be in the WWJ Newsradio 950 studios tonight answering questions from listeners.

WWJ is presenting a live half-hour Campaign 2010 special tonight and again next week. Virg Bernero will be heard Tuesday evening, from 7 – 7:30 p.m. We’re asking you to phone your questions for Bernero to 248-455-7230. Or, send an email to

LISTEN LIVE! – CLICK HERE (7 – 7:30 p.m.)

Rick Synder’s turn will come next week.

Monday night, it wasn’t exactly a debate, but Snyder and Bernero did go head-to-head during separate, but live appearances on WDIV-TV, Channel 4.

On the question of bringing jobs to Michigan, Lansing Mayor Bernero said he’s not shoving manufacturing to the back burner.

“Advance manufacturing was key to our past, but it will also be key to our future. It’s 20 percent of the state revenue. It comes from manufacturing. I’m not saying it’s everything, certainly we diversify, but I’m not ready to wave the white flag on manufacturing,” Bernero said.

Rick Snyder, meanwhile, said you create jobs by making the state business friendly.snyder rick e1287521792488 Campaign 2010 Special Tonight On WWJ

“If you go down to Indiana and you ask the people in Indiana what’s the largest source of business for the state of Indiana, they’ll tell you the state of Michigan. And if you look between the two states, what are some of the largest distinguishing factors, one is the business tax climate and the second one is the regulatory climate,” Snyder said.

WWJ Newsradio 950 is presenting a live half-hour Campaign 2010 special tonight and again next week. Virg Bernero will be heard tonight, starting at 7:00 p.m. We’re asking you to phone your questions for Bernero to 248-455-7230. Or e-mail your questions to “”.

Rick Synder’s turn will come next week.

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  1. Pretty Rick the Ruler says:

    I’am going to wait for next Tuesday when Rick Synder will be answering to the forum.



    Rick has a strong record of ccreating thousands of jobs.
    Rick has a 10-Point Plan to reinvent Michigan and create Michigan’s 3,0 New Era of Innovation.
    Rick will create more and better jobs, fix broken government and reform our old tax system.
    Improcve our schools is Rick’s political stand, and he will be the protector of our environment.
    Rick will create more oopportunities for trained and skilled people, interns and graduates, so pur young people can work, experience labor and raise faamilies in Michigan.
    Like the Synder / Calley for Michigan slogans politically …

  2. Jose Martinez says:

    You daughter has ties to a know drug dealer (Darren Antonio Brown Jr) who was murdered this summer. If you cannot even control the morals of your family, why should we give you a chance to control the state of Michigan?

    1. mboy says:

      Mr. Bernaro cannot control his grown children. You cannot hold something against a parent who the child associates with.

    2. pete says:

      It looks like you do as well!!!! nice spelling JOSE!!!!! where do you get your info from??? the guys you get your stuff from!!

    3. Kim says:

      This comment infers things that are completely misguided, and because the case is not closed, nothing is “known” about Darren Brown. It also is turning a terrible tragedy public concern which it is not. I would strongly suggest it be taken down before it is followed up by a call from an attorney.

  3. PinkMuslimah says:

    Do you plan to work with local farmers, especially small family farmers, to raise people food? Would you commit to learning about sustainable farming practises? Will you support farm-to-school projects and farmers markets? Is it possible for Michigan to provide subsidies to farmers who raise and sell food locally using sustainable practises? Or might it be possible to apply for federal subsidies for such a thing? Do you promise to strengthen the protection of our natural resources, without which we wouldn’t be able to farm or to continue farming for generations to come?

    Will you commit to rewarding companies which open plants and make jobs in Michigan? Will you commit to disincentivising the removal of jobs to foreign countries? Please name departments and programmes for which you plan to make cuts. Be specific. Also, what advise do you have for public employees who are out of a job as a result of “shrinking the government”?

  4. Julie Ritter says:

    Question for both candidates: When is someone in this state going to step up and do something about helping the young people of MI to get a college education. We can barely get by yet we cannot qualify for anything except a regular student loan. I have 3 college students, all have scholarships, but not full rides, all are or have been on the deans list. My oldest daughter is a very talented artist and was attending CCS in Detroit, has scholarships but the school is so expensive she still has to get student loans. She had to leave school Dec. 2009, in the middle of her junior year because we cannot obtain a private loan. I am angry and nobody cares about the little guy. I have written to senators and congress persons and if I get a reply at all it is a standard pat on the head letter. What are either one of you going to do about the education crisis we are facing. How are you going to get these intelligent and talented young people the education they deserve? When and how are we ever going to be able to compete with other countries when they make sure their residents are educated?

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