Did The Lions Get Screwed

screwed Did The Lions Get Screwed
Ok so I just want to go back on record saying that I was 100% wrong.
You can CLEARLY see that not only did we have 7 guys on the Line of Scrimmage, but none of the eligible receivers were covered up ANYWHERE!
What the hell did the Refs see???
Top to bottom
Calvin Johnson – On (1)
Nate Bureleson – Off
Jeff Backus – On (2)
Rob Sims – On (3)
Dom Raiola – On (4)
Steven Peterman – On (5)
Gosder Cherilus – On (6)
Brandon Pettigrew – On (7)
Bryant Johnson – Off
The only thing I can MAYBE see them call is that Cherilus wasn’t forward on the line enough, because Pettigrew was further up than he was – but that’s really reaching.  Looks like a screw job to me, and they’ve come in bunches for this team this year.
Matt in a car

dsc07788 Did The Lions Get Screwed

  • nico Koehler

    Absoilutely right. I saw the game live and i noticed it right away. I was like “what the hell”, cause the refs blew a few/lot more calls. What i was surprised about was, that even the broadcaster on television, who highlighted 6 instead of the obvious 7 men on the LOS, would agree with the refs call…

  • JR

    Yeah its another regular NFL screw job. Seems like the league is just fixed, someone is making some big money. On the radio, Dan Miller said it was Cherilus who was off the line. Stupid call, it looks ‘normal’ in the above picture here.
    Do the Lions get a disproportionate share of these types of penalties or is it just our perspective?

    Don’t forget, that play was a first down inside the red zone, in a 4 pt game …

    it just gets harder and harder to believe that there isn’t some kind of conspiracy with this league.

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