school budget Livonia Schools Hikes Superintendent's Pay; Parents IncensedSome parents and teachers are not happy with the Livonia School Board’s move to give their superintendent a raise at a time when budget cuts are being made to programs.

The school board voted 5-2 in favor of a $50,000 raise for Dr. Randy Liepa. And parents at Monday night’s school board meeting say it makes no sense.

“We’ve cut valuable programs, extra support for students, para-pro funding, plus it’s more challenging this year,” one parent told the board.

Another parent said, ” It’s not that you shouldn’t get a raise, we just cannot afford a $50,000 raise.”

The school board says the raise was necessary to keep Dr. Liepa from being plucked away by another district, saying they needed to get his salary on par with other top administrators.

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  1. Laura Bahu Maalouf says:

    It’s so sad that we have to give up valuable programs for our children, and this year some of our kids are walking a mile to their bus stops because of budget cuts. The teachers are the jewels of LPS and where are their raises? A teacher gets an extra 2000 a year maybe, and the Super gets 50,000? How can that be fair? Administration is like a mafia, they get what they want in every case but the little ppl who are doing all the hard work and making all the difference have to suffer with layoffs, budget cuts and giving up important things.

  2. Linda Bernhardt says:

    anybody in Livonia still interested in a recall?

  3. E Weglarz says:

    Didn’t LPS have a contract with Mr Liepa? What was the penalty if he left for another job, breaking the contract? Who paid for the analysis that he was underpaid? If LPS paid for the survey; shame on them. As a taxpaying small businessman I cannot afford health care for my employees, but I’m expected to pay taxes in Livonia and Michigan that not only provide health care to public employees, but support a 35%+ raise to the school superintendent! Public employees, and folks paid by a third party (i.e. health care providers) have yet to grasp the unprofitable atmosphere within which most businesses in Michigan are operating. The retirement and health care funding shortfall issue for public and municipal employees gets worse every day, and the longer this issue is ignored, the more impossible it will be to solve. Socialism is wonderful…..until the “other” guy runs out of money.

  4. Dan says:

    Funny how the school board uses that silly excuse of a raise – “was necessary to keep Dr. Liepa from being plucked away by another district”. You hear that a lot in corporate, They pay these “managment gods” millions, and later find out how they screwed up stuff under their reign.

  5. Harry J says:

    No one has mentioed that his old salary was $148,000 but his benefts paid by the school system takes his actual gross compensation to $225,000. This is BEFORE his $50,000 raise. When this board and superintendent asked the teachers to give up 5 days pay per year for last and this year, how can you rationally explain this. Are keeping good teachers less important?

  6. Me says:

    The “top” administrator is still under contract? The school boards argument to retain Dr. Liepa is admirable and in some ways understandable. The decision to accept this unsolicited raise falls squarely on the shoulders of Dr. Liepa. He can choose to put himself first and the children second………or endure the harder times with the rest of the districts employees… what is best for the students……..and as the status of the district improves seek just reward. It is just one decision of many that you, Dr.Liepa make everyday…… and one simple question…….”myself” or the children?

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