Five observations from the week:
1. I’m all for the league trying to get defensive players from leading with their helmets.
Trying to get players to not lead with their heads or aim for the throat is a good thing.
Please stop with the argument that this type of hit is entertaining. Do all of you want the clothesline and horse collar back?

2. What’s up with Rich Rodriquez? Vince Lombardi couldn’t fix some of UM’s defensive problems ?!? At least we are fun to watch !?! These are dumb comments by Rodriquez. Michigan fans root for the team and the coach but don’t try and justify those comments.
3. The Lions better start running the football or they aren’t winning more games even with Matthew Stafford back. 79 yards per game — good for 31 out of 32 teams — speaks for itself.
4. Seems to me that every player that the Tigers could go after has some sort of draw back with his game with the exception of Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and maybe Jason Werth. Adam Dunn can’t play the outfield. Victor Martinez wants four or five years and is an average defensive catcher at best.
5. It’s about time somebody made a run at Sanchez (Natalie Martinez) on Detroit 1-8-7. Great looking single cop and for four shows nobody’s even trying? Fitch in the fifth episode starting putting the moves on Sanchez. Now that’s real cop life in Detroit


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