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  1. jason says:

    I was watching the Boston Colledge game a few weeks ago that he was doing and in the forth quarter there was a fan that was close to one of the mics on the field and was screaming that Matt Millian Sucked and that he ruined the Lions,you could hear Millians partner in the booth chuckle after the fan screamed that.I know millian was pissed because he didnt say anything for about a minute afterwards.

  2. Kevin Rodgers says:

    It’s wrong that this disgraceful moron can make millions. Shame on ANYONE that would hire such a douchebag that not only ruined the Lions, but constantly puts his foot in his mouth as well.

  3. matthew says:

    Every time the Leos loose, I feel a deep resentment towards this man, who in my mind is still responsible. I feel towards this man the way mike feels towards Little Eli Manning, only ten thousand times worse.

  4. Shawn says:

    Totally agree! Moved to Detroit 3 years ago from Minnesota. We have our own management issues (owner, gm, coach) but nothing compares to Millen’s ineptness. Vikings will always be my team but living in Detroit I want to see the Lions do better. Millen killed that for a decade and the effects still are in play. Pat Caputo is the Matt Millen of The Ticket. He has to go. Maybe I am too used to Minnesota Nice. No, that’s not true, the media cut hard when needed. Caputo does not listen or allow two-waqy dialogue! He cuts off, shouts down, and belittles callers. No dialogue is capable and it has to be embarassing and detrimental to your station which, surprising for such a huge sports market, is one of only two sports talk stations.

  5. Jeff C. says:

    “Fire Millen!” – still alive in 2010.

  6. bosco says:

    Must have found a skelton in somebody’s closet. Unfortunately this dog & pony show started with Russ Thomas way back in the 60’s. We got used to the B.S. then and when Millen showed up we all thought he was the saviour. Man did we ever get taken! A truly snake bitten franchise.

  7. Joel says:

    The worst part of Millen working for ESPN, they had to have him cover the Michigan- Michigan State game, he is the MOST hated guy in the whole state of Michigan

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