1021stadium Stoney and Bill With Sara   Sneaking Into An Event

Getty Images/Halip

A guy was able to sneak into the Michigan/ Michigan State game, what event have you snuck into?

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  1. Jeff Banet says:

    The high school I went to (Community High School in Ann Arbor) didn’t have a prom. I snuck in to Huron’s prom at the Michigan Union. There is a back stair case in the Union that is easy to enter on the fourth floor and comes out in the kitchen of the 2nd floor. You should have seen the expressions on my friends faces from Huron when they saw me in jeans and a T-shirt at their prom!

  2. Joel says:

    When i was younger, i snuck into a lot of Michigan hockey games. My grandpa had one ticket and he will give it to the guy and i would just walk in. Then if some one has a ticket of the seat that im in, i would just go find another seat.

  3. andy justice says:

    i once snuk

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