dtl1018 38 Caputo And Fithian   Are The Lions Really Cursed?

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Or are they just consistently bad? Click more to comment and listen.

  1. Bruce Verdell says:

    It’s not possible to consistently find new ways to lose winnable games like the Lions…unless you are cursed.

  2. Short Shit says:

    40 actual years of watching our BELOVED Lion’s has taught me one thing. Mr. Ford is the CURSE!!!! You must have upper management or the team is DOOMED!!! We have NEVER had real management through out the organization. MR. FORD has got to GO!!!!!!! Maybe Mr. Ilitch will buy them. HUMMM!!!!

  3. originalmike says:

    The only curse the Lions have is an ownership that is clueless and oblivious to how a winning football team is built. Teams are not successful when they have undying and long past rational loyalty to people who have no business running a football team.

  4. Rob says:

    Didn’t Bobby Lane put a 50 year curse on the Lions ???

  5. Paul from Adrian says:

    If being incompentent is a curse, then yes, the Lions are cursed. Winners are relentless in finding ways to win. The Lions will be winners again when they bring this attitude to the field. Until then, they will be losers and the curse will continue.

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