1022lesnar Karsch And Anderson Who Will Win UFC 121?

Getty Images/Kopaloff

Gator predicts the winner between Lesner vs Valasquez

  1. Adam says:

    Good analysis, Gator. Shields-Kampmann should be a nice fight too.

  2. ct chesterfieild says:

    I think you are mistaken my friend! Cain will be the new champ! He is a more Complete figher than Brock. He is WAY better on the feet and was a standout collegiate wrestler at ASU. He is better in every aspect of the game. The only thing Brock has is that he is a Freak/a very special athlete. But it won’t be enough. I am saying Cain by TKO round 3!

    1. ct chesterfieild says:

      So I got the round wrong but I told ya Gator! You are about to see the longest Heavy Weight Reign in UFC history! Junior Dos Santos is next. Cain will maul him too! He is the most complete Heavyweight out there. He will reign for the next few years! I appreciate you posting about the fights! Its nice to see MMA getting a little coverage! Thanks Gator keep up the good work!
      Ct Chesterfield

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