drw 2 Valenti And Foster   What Do You Want In The New Red Wings Stadium?

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Bigger bathrooms? Bigger seats? Cheaper tickets? Click More to comment and listen.

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  1. Taylor Phillips says:

    Everything JLA has plus everything JLA doesn’t!

  2. Geoff says:

    The new arena has to look like the old Olympia Stadium from the outside. Brick would look really nice!!! Make it a throwback arena.

  3. Bob says:

    more leg room, wider seats, more washrooms, wireless access, flat screens in washrooms,

  4. Short Shit says:

    Cheaper BEER prices and more selections, Philly Cheese sandwiches, bigger bathrooms, LARGER SMOKING AREA and more of them, and easy safe access in and out of the arena like the Joe has.

  5. Randy Wonsch says:

    What do I want ?
    1. Screw Gary Bettman and his ‘Winter Classic’ monopoly -build a stadium with a retractable roof – nice sunny winter day in the D – pop the button and instant Hockeytown Winter Classic games!

    2. WiFi the stadium If I bring my I pad I can listen to the games on the radio – better yet pay for live feed tv to my i Pad in stadium (or include it in the ticket.)
    3. Call it Little Caesars Olympia
    4. Gothic exterior – corinthian columns with statuary depicting great moments from Red Wing History. A copy of the Parthenon in Greece will do for exterior look. It has to look like a monument to reflect the greatness of the team.
    5. Hockeytown – build it adjacent to the stadium -Red Wings hall of fame, shops, training facility& Hockey School- complete with outdoor skating rinks with big screen TV’s for viewing the games if you cant afford to go -charge 5 bucks for skating during games., and several indoor rinks for the community for Detroit minor league hockey – this is how you get funding from the government.
    6. State of the art lighting – I hate Joe lights – they are the worst.
    7. washrooms – BIG washrooms and lots of them…
    8. PLEASE bring back the barricades so the fans can watch the players walk from the dressing room to the ice. I don’t care if its a glass wall separating the fans from the players but this was a big deal for me as a kid at the Olympia – hockey was never the same when the Joe opened just because of this!

  6. Sam says:

    Needs to have devoted sections in the concourse to each team’s history and championship runs – half n’ half – where each half is distinct Piston/Wings. Could have sections named after HOF players – even a HOF wing for both teams i.e. Yankee Stadium or Fenway. Good acoustics is a must for cheering intensity and possible future concerts. Agree with Taylor – outer brick facade but with large open air/window atriums.

  7. Paul from Adrian says:

    (1) More organ music, less piped in 80’s music between action. Every second doesn’t need to be filled with piped in music from hair bands I couldn’t stand in the 80’s. Who started this annoying trend anyway? What’s the point?

  8. Cory Wood says:

    Northern Michigan University in Marquette shares a building for hockey and basketball. I attend many hockey games and when there is a basketball game even the day before the ice is shotty. They take the court in and out. Imagine if both the Pistons and Red Wings are in the Playoffs. Just the logistics of that! The crowds during the playoffs during the warm time of year is going to make for crappy ice.

  9. jpellegr says:

    Throwback arena, Large Atrium, should be seprate arenas so you don’t have to remove the surfaces……

  10. Bill says:

    First and foremost – Olympia appearance at least in the front. Dual-purpose NHL-NBA arena is highly NOT desired, maintain top notch ice. I like the Pistons but don’t want to see the Red Wings banners cluttered up with another sport as seen in other NHL arenas. This should continue to be a tribute to the best run franchise in the National Hockey League.

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