The brother of a Clinton Township man acquitted in the murders of Ronald and Christine Jabalee says the family is relieved Ron F. Jabalee is free. And Ryan Jabalee says the family is still hoping to find the person or persons responsible for the deaths of his parents four years ago.

A Macomb County jury Friday found Ronald F. Jabalee not guilty of murder. He didn’t comment after the verdict.

Ryan Jabalee, the youngest son of the victims, told WWJ’s Marie Osborne Saturday morning he’ll be meeting with his brother and other family members to decide how the family will proceed.

“The whole trial kept him apart from everybody, it was a mess for awhile,” Ryan Jabalee said at his meat shop in Eastern Market. “I can go over his house now, that’s great.”

He also said the family may consider hiring private detectives to solve the murders.

“People who did this are still out there, hopefully because of everybodies testimony and the way court brought out certain things, maybe they’ll (police) investigate it more thoroughly now,” Jabalee said.

“It was almost like a curse for a long period of time, but I think that everybody needs to put their heads together now and really solve this case.”

The Jabalees were found stabbed to death in their New Baltimore home in October 2006.

The New Baltimore police department is the lead agency on the investigation, however authorities say the only way the case will be re-opened is if new evidence is found.

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Comments (3)
  1. MKP says:

    The case is solved – Ron Jr. is the perp. That’s a no-brainer.

    You Jabalees’ keep on deluding yourselves because you can’t face the truth. Disappointed in the younger brother – he is truly in denial.

    (Don’t waste money on the private detectives!)

  2. roxygirl says:

    why dont i hear either of the brothers proposing any theories on what might have happened? you would think they would at least have some possibilities to consider. something doesnt seem right with their reaction to this situation and i think the authorities still might have something up their sleeve, how could this not be solved?

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