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The need for help is outpacing the ability to provide it in southeast Michigan. The Community Foundation and the Max and Marjorie Fisher Foundation are teaming up to answer the call, by providing a one dollar match for every two dollars donated to area food and shelter organizations.

Executive Director Doug Stewart tells WWJ they want to raise money, but also awareness of the need for funding and volunteers.

“I think there are a lot of people in this region that want to help, may not be able to provide a gift at this time, but they can provide the gift of time, and come and help,” said Stewart.

Stewart says the need is obvious — and growing.

“I think it’s clear to everyone, and it’s hard to miss that we’re a region that’s facing even optimistically some say it’s 13 percent unemployment rate in the city, and closer in we’re looking at an unemployment rate of more than 20 percent,” said Stewart.

More information on how to help can be found by clicking here or here.

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