Detroit-based Compuware Corp. (Nasdaq: CPWR) Monday was to announce that its mainframe application and development software will support DB2 Version 10. The DB2 10-enabled Compuware products will continue to support customers’ efforts to increase productivity and reduce costs as they implement applications in the new DB2 environment.

“Organizations using applications that call DB2 information must rely on their support vendors to be DB2 10 ready the day it is released,” said Bonnie Baker of Bonnie Baker Corp. Consulting, a consulting firm renowned for its expertise with DB2 performance issues. “In this business climate, IT productivity and application performance are too important to lose precious time preparing for the advantages of a new environment.”

Compuware said support for the release highlights its commitment to helping customers enjoy the benefits of new technologies while maintaining productivity — in the IT organization and in the business. The company’s File-AID for DB2 and File-AID/RDX, DBA-Xpert for DB2, Strobe for DB2, Abend-AID for DB2 and Xpediter solutions will all support customer needs as DB2 10 is implemented.

“IT organizations are challenged to remain efficient and productive when upgrading to a new environment,” said Rose Rowe, vice president of mainframe strategy at Compuware. “Downtime is money lost, so knowing that the products that deliver the most value to you are ready to perform after a DB2 10 upgrade is critical for the IT organization.”

Among the Compuware solutions ready for the release of DB2 10 are:

* Compuware File-AID products are the industry standard for file and data management, allowing customers to tailor their data to match their needs, avoiding potentially costly challenges with production data. File-AID for DB2 continues to provide world class Editing and Browsing of DB2 10 data, DBA-Xpert can CLONE and MODIFY DB2 10 databases to help setup new environments.

* Compuware Strobe for DB2 easily identifies costly SQL statements in an application running under DB2 10, providing run-time statistics such as the number of “get page” requests and other vital information. Strobe also provides “Explain” data, catalog statistics, and helpful observations on how to fix the offending statement. Triggers and Stored Procedures are also supported under DB2 10, as well as CPU parallelism and DDF.

* Compuware Abend-AID provides mainframe organizations with an application failure resolution process, speeding the discovery of failed solutions within their organization. It collects program and environmental failure information from DB2 10 and diagnostics automatically, pinpointing the cause of the application error.

* Compuware Xpediter, a program debugging tools that will work with DB2 10 to reduce the time needed to get programs implemented or returned to production by automating the analysis, testing and debugging processes. Xpediter also includes support for DB2 stored procedures.

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