Focus: HOPE is offering a free computer training program in an effort to teach people how to use a computer.

“Both on the basics and then some electives about how to maneuver around the computer. Secondly, free or a very low cost Internet services, but we are looking to provide the Internet services for free,” said Monique Tate with Focus: HOPE’s Connect Your Community project.

Tate says the program is offering small subsidies to help people buy computers.

“We are working to get computers into the homes of 5,000 families within the city of Detroit,” said Tate.

But she says right now, more funding is needed.

For more information, call (313) 494-4198.

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  1. encursedrield says:

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  2. Edmond Gaines says:

    I find it appalling the fact that the city of Detroit was allotted funds targeted for providing goods and services to people who would not otherwise be able to obtain. The money was returned because the city failed to distribute it in a timely manner.It is appalling that the powers that be were not organized enough to make these funds available to Detroit’s most needy. Why haven’t CBS Detroit, and other television and radio stations have not made the city officials answer to this atrocity. I challenge anyone to inform me I have me facts wrong. Was I misinformed?

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