The Wayne County Sheriff’s office made 10 arrests after raiding a so-called “blind pig” on Detroit’s west side early Sunday morning.

Spokeswoman Paula Bridges said the raid was in response to complaints about constant noise and fighting at a “blind pig,” an afterhours club operation, on Eight Mile Road near Southfield Freeway.

“Residents have been seeing drug deals going on. There was violence that was erupting out of this location. It was loud, it was noisy. And it just got to the point where neighbors complained and they said ‘look we need you to come in and do something,'” said Bridges.

Through the raid, they confiscated a number of things, including illegal drugs.

“We’re talking ecstasy, cocaine, oxycontin, marijuana. And they had seven tanks of nitrous oxide gas. Two handguns were recovered, I  believe there may have even been a third that was recovered. And this is an establishment that should not have been operating,” said Bridges.

And she says they issued quite a lot of citations as well.

“We had a 103 individuals that were cited. So that means that this place was packed. And as a result, 54 vehicles were impounded because it was in connection with their participation and this illegal establishment,” said Bridges.

The FBI, Detroit Police Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Community Response Team assisted with the raid.

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  1. Jille says:

    Thank you for starting out my day with such great comedy. I can only assume the writer has a brilliant sense of humor and the copy editor you surely have (note the sarcasm) let it slide. “a blind pig”? And perpetuating the false fact that it was an actual pig by following up with “the blind pig”? Genius. At least capitalize proper nouns!!!!

    1. WWJ Newsroom says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jille. The story has been edited to explain the meaning of the slang term “blind pig.” (No animals were harmed in the writing of this article).

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