vote button1 Candidates Missing On Wayne Co. Absentee BallotsThe names of two Green Party candidates were missing on November 2nd absentee ballots sent out to thousands of Wayne County residents, due to a clerical error.

In a news conference in Detroit Monday, Wayne County Commission Fifth District candidate Dianne Feeley said she’s been told that the omission will be corrected.

“They said they’re going to mail them [the corrected ballots] out to all the absentee people as well,” Feeley said.

“But, they say they corrected the error by removing the employee from the office. And this, as a worker myself, bothers me. It seems to me that it shouldn’t be just on the basis of one employee that they then get rid of and  say  ‘Oh, we’ve solved the problem,'” she said.

Sixth District candidate Loius Novak said what upsets him is that the mistake kept him from taking part in political forums to talk about certain key issues, such as transportation and housing.

“I want to see more money going to mass transit and alternative forms of transportation, including bike lanes on all county roads. I’d also like the see the home foreclosures in the county put on hold, and particularly that our county treasurer stop putting unpaid water bills as  tax leans on properties and forcing more of our citizens into foreclosure,” Novack said.

Novak says another issue he would’ve liked to discuss is spending more of Wayne County’s budget on training for green jobs.

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