Caputo And Fithian- How Do Lawyers Handle Certain Cases?

lawyer Caputo And Fithian  How Do Lawyers Handle Certain Cases?

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Every job has its ups and downs. But how do Lawyers go home to their famlies after defending certain criminals?

  • Michael

    you guys are morons, Flash ” innocent people don’t need lawyers ” the 1st amendment is not to protect ” popular opinion” that is our system. Move or change it , if you don’t like it.

  • Chuck - Utica

    Reducing a charge from OWI to reckless driving is a major reduction in the charges that ordinary citizens are not eligible for. The jail time is not a consideration, he was on probation for a prior conviction. The Michigan BAR association is ultimately responsible because they validate the professional credentials of Judge David Jordon and the city attorney.

    Chris L Rucker is receiving a massive break here that we are not entitled for and the number one person it hurts is Chris L Rucker. Somewhere down the line he will no longer be a sports star and will be have the same problems but no break. Please ask Charles Rogers how that works out.

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