1025dunn Karsch And Anderson Who Should The Tiger's Target In Free Agency?

Getty Images/Fiume

Doug thinks the number one guy to go get is…

  1. Anthony says:

    Maybe the Tigers should trade for some help as well as continue to pursue Dunn; Matt Garza is up for a huge arbitration raise and could be available from the Rays, Matt Weiters and Nick Markakis , and maybe a pitching prospect from Bal for Galaragga, Porcello, Seizemore, Avila, and Jake Turner. Markakis and Weiters are never going to win in Bal, they have no pitching, bullpen, or a closer. They’re young and have plenty of pop left.

    Just think about the Det starting rotation: Verlander, Sherzer. Garza, Bondo(re-sign for the veterans minimum?), Coke.

    But what’s worth drawing wood over is, the batting order:
    Jackson Cf
    Markakis Rf
    Peralta ss
    Cabrera 1b
    Dunn DH
    Weiters c
    Guillen Lf
    Inge 3b
    Rhymes 2b

    = 95 wins and a ton of hits!

  2. Joe says:

    Dunn ain’t coming here staying in the NL team most likey Braves

  3. jason says:

    Go after Pitchers!

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