"Super" Drunk Driving Laws Go Into Effect Sunday

drinking beer1 e1288015829800 "Super" Drunk Driving Laws Go Into Effect SundayThis Sunday, on Halloween, new drunk driving laws go into effect that will be downright scary.

Michigan is joining a growing number of states getting tougher against binge drinkers who get behind the wheel.

The new laws are aimed at drivers at least twice above the legal limit of point 0-8. If you blow a point 1-7 or higher, you will face double the jail time, along with bigger fines — estimated at $8,000, along with mandatory alcohol treatment and losing your driving privileges for 45 days. Plus, you will be forced to buy an on-board breathalyzer, which keeps your car from starting if you’ve had one too many.

The super-drunk driving laws go into the books October 31st, Halloween, which has become as dangerous a night for drinking and driving as St. Patrick’s Day.

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  • Gerry Flood


  • bill

    who wrote this peice? do not believe some of the sentences are even that.

    could someone rewrite this in english. is it blowing above 0.8 that is the issue? or blowing “twice” the 0.8 or 1.6 that is the issue? or is it repeat offenders?

    does this place have an editor?

    • sstoddart

      Bill, .08 is the legal limit. The article is saying if you blow more than double that, at .17, then these new penalties would apply.

  • Waynecountyman

    All these new drunk drivinglaws are good, but what is the law enforcement community doing about keeping people off the road that don’t have insurance or are driving with suspended licenses. These people rank right up there with the drunk drivers and kill just as many people.

    • dewbunni

      what??? someone without a license is NOT a drunk. what an idiotic thing to accuse people of when they can’t afford car insurance

  • Mitch

    It is all a money grab!

  • Al Kovacs

    Its seems the people who usually survive high speed drunk driving accidents are the drunks. Maybe the laws should be changed to impose the same consequence on the driver as they gave to their victims. It may cut back on the serial DUI. Waynecountyman has a good point with more Michigan highway patrols being cut back due to costs. This means less accident preventers are on the roads no matter what the drunk blows.

  • dano

    “Super” drunk driving? Why not enforce the laws we have? More political BS. I agree with the other poster what about these people who drive with out licenses? What about the texters? 80% more dangerous than a drunk.

  • steve f

    I think the laws are right on. Anyone can make a mistake. I’m sure that many of the readers here have had that “3rd” beer when they shouldn’t have. If they get caught, they deserve to be punished. However, if a person drives after drinking 6 to many, or 12 to many, they deserve to be punished to a greater degree. If they drink THAT MUCH and still drive, they’ve certainly done it before, and will do it again, unless punished severely. I used to supervise the community service crew (drunk drivers) in St. Clair County. People used to come to work still stinkin’ from last nights bender. I hope the judges emphasise alcohol counseling and jail time, but they will probably emphasise the fines, since the state needs money. If
    they lived in my neighborhood, they may think differently.

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    […] state’s tougher “super drunk” law went into the books on Halloween 2010, but Snyder’s office said police couldn’t write such tickets under local […]

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