Like many I am not a big fan of Lebron James because of the way he handled his decision to leave Cleveland. But, you have to give Nike credit for their new ad featuring James. He pokes fun at many of his detractors.

  1. slb says:

    Shots fired at MJ, Barkley, Kobe and others!

  2. Patrick says:

    Really, who gives a flying fart about Lebron, come, go, go away. Why does anybody care. He’s an athelete. A performer, In old days he would be a clown. Why is this even talked about.

    1. Erich says:

      I get that you dont care whether he stay or go. Check espn he left five months ago. But this is in reference to the clown defintion you gave Lebron, so i guess Colt Mccoy and Tom brady and peyton manning are all clowns as well right i didnt want to mistake you for a racist redneck. If your a racist then i hope you dont live in Detroit, cuz that wouldnt be safe for a country racist bamma like yourself do me and the others a favor go back to klu klux villa in Alabama.

  3. Rick Rock says:

    I think the commercial is great…makes Lebron human with humor and truth. Go with it! He is a better man for this now, sorta of his apology to clear the air and move on!

  4. Eddie says:

    Hey gator Dan Gilbert knew lebron was leaving that’s BS …He knew when he fired the coach….his words was lebron doesn’t run this team I do. He fronted in lebron face trying to say he’s in charge, ok you are so you loss his trust Dan stop pump faking you knew….from an inside source

  5. David Cobb says:

    Hey guys, lets remember how we all felt when Barry Sanders left the game of football in Detroit. I know it was not to another team, but it felt still like a kick in the nads.

  6. JOE KLIMAS says:

    Lebron….a future Hall-of-Famer, may win a championship, but like many young athletes of today, he is a self-centered jerk that when all is said and done, will never measure up to the real greats like Jordan, Magic, and even Isaiah as not only a great player, but a player with character because he is “all about me”

  7. ed says:

    its not what you did, its how you did it, you limelight whore.

  8. frogers says:

    Very funny,he takes a few pot-shots, nothing serious. He’s just saying that he has to do what he thinks is good for him. Just like any of us would do.

  9. kenneth g dettloff says:

    who cares, comes across as a spoiled brat

  10. Julie says:

    Lebron James was a self-centered egotistical douchebag before the commercial and he is still a self-centered egotistical douchebag!

  11. Jonathan says:

    I just watched the new Lebron Commercial. At first I was apalled by the spectacle that Lebron was making with “The Decision.” It reminded me of watching “My Super Sweet 16” (for the entire 30 seconds I have seen) where the child is thinking their world is better than anyone elses. Then I learned of the deeper aspect of it. Whether or not his decision was correct or not is irrelevant when it comes to the intentions at the end with the “Good Green Lord” of the pocket—The money. That whole thing generated 3 million dollars in revenue and he gave it all to the Boys and Girls Club of America and $160,000 went back to Cleveland. I was born in Cleveland and have a deep love of their sports and he gave everything he had in that town and the organization wasn’t giving him weapons, kudos for leaving; most Clevelanders wish they could do the same. I have to say I was angry at first, but thought on it and still I am a Witness: From Akron to the Heat. Let’s actually take a look at the result and the fact and quit trying to spin intent. Maybe true journalism and knowledge can finally begin.

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