bernero Gov. Candidates Make Final Push

Virg Bernero with supporters Monday afternoon (WWJ Photo)

The candidates for governor of Michigan were making last-minute campaign stops, Monday evening, with just under hours to go before the polls open for the election.

Despite his big lead in the polls, Republican Rick Snyder isn’t taking anything for granted as he criss-crosses the state. The Ann Arbor businessman says he’s, quote “staying on the gas through November 2nd.”

Same for Democrat Virg Bernero, who’s brushing aside talk of polls that show him trailing Snyder by double digits. The Lansing mayor told supporters in Detroit that the pollsters and pundits have weighed in and now it’s time for the voters to weigh in.

WWJ’s Skubick is one of the speculators weighing in on the upcoming race, and says Bernero’s lag in the polls can be attributed to a lethargy among Michigan Democrats.

snyder Gov. Candidates Make Final Push

Rick Snyder poses in front of his old house in Dearborn. (WWJ Photo)

“In the polling data I looked at last week, only 55% of the people who consider them(selves) strong Democrats were on board with Bernero,” he continued.

“Does stuff happen between now and Election Day, you bet!” Skubick explained. “Anything could happen, but if he pulls this thing off it will go down in history, mark my words, as the comeback of the century, because nobody expects this guy to win. But he likes to say the only poll that counts is the one that happens tomorrow morning starting at 7 a.m.”

Speaking live on WWJ Monday morning Bernero said his plan, and not his opponent’s, is the best plan for Michigan.

“Look at my track record and look at my plan. Go to my website if you have any questions. And, try to find any beef in my opponent’s plan. All he talks about is changing the culture and changing the attitude. I agree, having a positive attitude is great, but you know what will help people have a positive attitude? If we put people back to work,” Bernero said.

Also speaking live on WWJ Monday,  Snyder said Michigan voters are ready for a big change.

“They’re ready for a fundamental reinvention of our state. The old way doesn’t work. And that’s why we’ve gotten such a wonderful response from people as we’ve traveled across Michigan, because they’re ready for problem-solving. Some common sense problem-solving in our state, to get away from a broken political culture that just doesn’t work,” Snyder said.

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