Mayor Bing Not Worried About Recall EffortsThis Election Day is not only a time for voters to head to the polls to determine the political future of Michigan, but also a time to dispute a controversy from the last election. Tom Barrow, who is seeking a rematch against Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, filed a suit claiming the election was rigged.

Barrow says he has ample evidence that someone tampered with up to 60,000 votes that led to a Bing victory, and is looking for a new election.

“I think we would be successful. I mean there’s no question in my mind, we beat the man,” Barrow said.

One group of activists will also be working on Election Day to recall Bing. The group will be collecting 60,000 signatures at some of the busiest polling places to get the issue on the ballot.

According to community activist Theo Broughton, they are almost halfway there, but the subject of the recall measure doesn’t seem worried.

WWJ’s Vickie Thomas spoke with the mayor about the recall campaign, but Bing said he “could care less” about the petition.

“I have absolutely no idea with what’s going on as far as the recall, I don’t worry about it, it doesn’t bother me,” he added.

Bing plans to go about running the city as usual, he told Thomas, “that’s my job, that’s what I was voted in to do, and that’s what I will focus on.”

The Michigan Court of Appeals will hear the case tomorrow. A decision could take up to 10 days for the appeals panel to complete. If it finds in favor of Barrow, a new election could be declared.

(Copyright, 2010. WWJ Newsradio 950, All Rights Reserved.)


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