cell phone2 Teens Can't Get Enough Of TextingWhen your teenager goes to bed, they go right to sleep, don’t they? Not!! Many use the time alone to text their friends.

Did you know that, on average, teens send 34 texts a night, sometimes up to four hours after going to bed? It’s true, and that adds up to 3,400 a month.

Strange as it may seem, researchers have also found that many teenagers now prefer texting family members rather than telling them something in person. All of this late night activity can have detrimental health effects too, like mood and cognitive problems: ADD, depression, anxiety, and learning difficulties.

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  1. Al Kovacs says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t high tech digital devices supposed to make our kids smarter? Well, they certainly made Bill Gates and Steve Jobs wealthy. I’m also sure neither of these two guys are depressed, anxious or losing their focus. So buy another one, you’ve got two hands. And get two more for your feet. What’s the cyber abbreviation for moron?

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