snyder granholm shake e1288803076750 Governor elect Snyder, Gov. Granholm Meet

Rick Snyder and Jennifer Grahnolm (WWJ Photo)

Just hours after his election victory, Michigan’s new Governor-elect sat down for an hour-long meeting with outgoing Governor Jennifer Granholm in Detroit to talk about the transition of power.

Before the meeting took place, the two shook hands and posed for the media.

“You’ve been very gracious about meeting so promptly so we could work on this. I look forward to working with you in a very effective and efficient fashion, and thanks for your graciousness,” Republican Rick Snyder told Granholm, a Democrat.

“[We’re in for] a lot of hard work in the next couple of months, but I appreciate the open hand that you have held and the commitment to working together,” Granholm replied.

“He’s going to be given the keys to a transition office which we have prepared for him. His team has to be given these massive books that every single department has been working on, so that they’ve got all of the information they need to make it a seemless, smooth transition,” Granholm told reporters.

 A $1.4 billion budget deficit is among the challenges Snyder faces when he takes office Jan. 1. Granholm, who has held the office during one of the worst economic downturns in the state’s history, warned the incoming governor it won’t be easy.

 The 52-year-old Ann Arbor businessman who easily beat Democrat Virg Bernero in Tuesday’s general election said state government must be more accountable to residents and show them the value of each tax dollar spent.

Snyder also named the leaders of his transition team during a Wednesday news conference at Book Cadillac hotel in Detroit. Former Michigan Economic Development Corp. president Doug Rothwell will serve as chair.

Snyder he plans to create a government based on customer service and return on investment. He said he’s eager to encourage entrepreneurship, rebuild Detroit and reduce partisan and regional infighting.

More on the governor’s race and election results at this link.

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