orange barrels e1288815533102 Road Construction Season Wrapping UpIt’s a necessary inconvenience, but this year’s road construction season is drawing to a close. The onset of cold weather means two major road projects will be going away.

One of the largest projects this past summer was improvements along I-94. From St. Clair County and several other spots — traffic was slowed to a crawl at times.

Another major headache was the work on Telegraph Road, which according to M-DOT’s Rob Morosi, is nearing its finish.

“We want to work all the way up to Thanksgiving Day, most likely, Wednesday. Then we’ll do everything we can to pull the barrels and leave them off for the winter,” Morosi said.

Morosi said it’s taking a lot of work to finish the drainage on that roadway, “You can build the most stable, the best road ever, but it won’t last its desired lifetime unless you have proper drainage. And, that’s what we’re doing on that section between 12 Mile and Long Lake,” he said.

Morosi says there could be some orange barrels around this winter, but that’ll be mostly maintenance-type work.

As for next seasons construction schedule, Morosi said that with a newly elected governor and Legislature, funding remains in question.

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