A Detroit school principal has been suspended over allegations that she paid teachers for hundreds of hours of after-school tutoring that they never conducted.

Detroit Public Schools spokesman Steve Wasko says the move comes after an investigation by the district’s Office of Inspector General.

Cecelia Muhammad, a 25-year employee, faces an employment hearing, while 12 teachers and a support staff member face disciplinary hearings.

A statement from the district says the investigation, which followed an anonymous tip to Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb, found that teachers at Durfee K-8 routinely received three hours of pay per day while actually working only two hours for after-school tutoring at Durfee.

The Office of Inspector General determined that fourteen employees at Durfee were improperly overpaid a total of $14,062.90 for the Durfee After School Program from November 2009 through May 2010. Muhammad was an assistant principal at Durfee during this period.

“I’m outraged by the fact that a principal who is charged with educating and caring for our children might, in turn, steal from them by deliberately overpaying teachers for work they never conducted,” said Bobb.

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  1. Mary says:

    This is pitiful! This is our childrn are not doing well in school She ought to be fired a hundred times and that goes for the teachers she gave the overtime to. This is why Detroit is at the bottom for of the well in giving our kids the education they need! Bobb was absolutly right in his comments.

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