Time Change Weekend

time change fall back Time Change WeekendIn case you still haven’t done so, this past weekend, you should have turned your clocks back one hour.

Before you went to bed Saturday night, you should have turned your clocks back one hour. Or at 2 a.m., clocks were to “fall back” an hour, so that we could regain the hour we lost in the spring.

A little history on the time change. It was in 2007, Congress moved the start of daylight time 3 weeks earlier, and the return to standard time a week later in the fall. The change was aimed at trying to save energy, something that has seen mixed results.

As for your health, Swedish researchers say there’s some benefits to turning back one hour. 20 years of records showed the number of heart attacks fell on the Monday after the change. Just the opposite happens in the spring.

On the downside, getting darker earlier has meant higher numbers of pedestrian deaths until everyone gets adjusted to the time change.

Fire departments use the time change weekend to remind homeowners to change the batteries in their smoke alarms.

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  • Al Kovacs

    Good idea. I’m thinking of turning back my biological clock 20 years. I’m tired of being 61.

  • Dan

    LOL….. Yes Al, you are right. I’m tired of being 61 also.

  • Kenneth

    maybe it’s just me but my wwj online feeds just keep playing commercials… Is there no one working the second 1-2am shift?

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