1107stafford1 Sanchez Rallies Jets To OT Win After Lions Lose Stafford

Getty Images/Halip

Mark Sanchez found his target when it mattered.

Sanchez threw a 52-yard pass to Santonio Holmes to set up Nick Folk ‘s 30-yard field goal, lifting the New York Jets to a 23-20 overtime win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Sanchez scored on a quarterback sneak with 2:46 left in regulation and led a nine-play drive that set up Folk’s 36-yard kick to send the game into OT.

Matthew Stafford threw two touchdown passes and ran for a score to give Detroit a 10-point lead before re-injuring his right shoulder and leaving the game with 5:19 left.

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  1. Muskrat says:

    M Stafford is a glass-man!!! How many Million $$$ for how many games played??? Another bad investment in a quarterback by the Lions Organization! Bret F. – 40 Year old man rallied the Vikings for a WIN! Fresh young QB for the Lions has yet to Play one complete season for 16 MILLION $$$$. What a Sham!
    Time to get a tough offense that can play a entire year, that does not have shoulder separations, running backs with turf toes and sissy’s who cannot play complete games. This whole football League is a disgrace to mankind and the condition of professional athletes in this country. Looks like they are setting up the owners and the fans for a new contract that lets them play two to three games a season for multi million dollar contracts and disability play! An insult to hard working fans and their loyalty to the game ! Another Scam on the everyday man!
    65000 fans pay $40 ++ to watch this team, no wonder the average working class man is unemployed and going broke. It is
    a true testament of whats wrong with this country’s value system!

  2. GuyB says:

    I blame this loss on the Lions’ coaching staff. The continual penalties and miscues come from lack of discipline and preparation, and THAT lies with the coaches, and ultimately Jim Schwartz. Surely it was sad to see that Stafford doesn’t have the durability needed to survive with this team, or in this league, but that does not excuse the evidence that this game was mis-managed in the second half. I saw excerpts of Wayne Fontes’ Prevent Defense, that did not attack and destroy, but instead, a defense that played “not to lose”.

    As well, the Lions had their feet on the opponents neck again, and then allowed them to get back on their feet by making more mistakes and penalties, not blitzing enough, and not Going For The Throat.

    Drew Stanton should have been allowed to throw the ball more, to give them more breathing room and yardage to work with. All they needed was 1 measely First Down. But instead, they opted to continue to run the ball with little success. Jim Schwartz should have known that the Jets would plan on them NOT throwing the ball with a 3rd string QB.

    To me, the Lions have shown that they have the talent to play with anyone, but until they learn to play with focus and discipline, we can only expect to see more of the same.

    I’m amazed how they continue to find new ways to lose, in games that they could clearly have WON!

  3. john says:

    i’m afraid its same old lions, shoot themselves in the foot every time, stafford seems to be too fragile for the nfl.

  4. Dave Bradwell says:

    Let’s face it, the Lions are still cursed!!!, Must be the Honolulu blue, They should change the colors and lift the curse. The lion should be the actual color of a lions fur, on a black back ground. If nothing else this will make some cool looking hats and jerseys.

  5. metalruler says:

    and some things will never, ever change. the name should be changed as well to the detroit loosers. they are the only team that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. oh boy another top 3 draft pick, i feel sorry for that person. i truly believe we will never see a playoff team here. at least not in the nfl. good jobs lions.

  6. Bryan says:

    This is exactly what was happening with Joey Harrington. The whole game Stafford was acting scared because his worthless offensive line offers no protection. So now, just like Harrington, every time he steps on the field, he’s afraid of getting blasted and getting hurt again and then his passing and execution suffers. And at the end, the offensive line offered NO pass or run protection. Even with some mediocre protection at the end, you would have had the ONE FIRST DOWN YOU NEEDED TO WIN.
    It’s all on the offensive line. They control the tempo of the game. They move the ball.

    1. LionFan in L.A says:

      I agree we need an offensive line. Its not Stafford’s fault completely.Lets get a left tackle in this coming up draft

  7. JJMcCool says:

    Schwartz did an awful job managing this game, this loss is on him. His performance this year hasn’t been very good. The bonehead moves – penalties, stupid calls, and play calling is all on him and his coaching style. He needs to mature as a coach and his team makes too manymistakes, that’s coaching. Looks the Jets, Dolphins, KC and others were awful team and turned it around much quicker than the Lions. Certainly not all of that is on Schwartz but he’s a big part of it.

  8. originalmike says:

    If anybody else has problems with your posts staying on this site I would not be surprised. Seems they do not want all people to post their thoughts on some of the personalities on this station, so they erase them. Nice job of censorship 97.1.
    My posts are clean but not subserviant to the hosts when they are self serving and biased when they claim to be objective.

  9. Budmanjoe says:

    I was at the game and watched Stafford comming off the field 2nd quarter and the way he was holding his arm (down like in a sling). I knew then that something was wrong, he was hurting before comming out. Were not being told the whole story. Champ: Rosey for losing his ticket as we were walking in, then buying another from a scalper=just to watch the biggest heart break since lose in only post game playoff. Chump: Lions 2-min Defense, just before half and the 4th quarter.Can someone tell me how many points we (Lions) have given up with 2 minutes to go before the half and the 4th quarter.

  10. LionFan in L.A says:

    We need a left tackle that could block. Who is out there or who should we draft at left tackle. Who is the top rated prospect? What the word on Stafford?

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