gm ford Ford's Stock Strong and Getting StrongerWhile GM has captured many of the headlines for it’s IPO, there’s also big news from Ford Motor Company. Ford’s stock is strong, and getting stronger.

For the first time in six years, Ford Motor Company stock surpassed $16.00 a share on Friday, or a 15% increase during the week.

ford Ford's Stock Strong and Getting StrongerFord officials say stock prices responded to an increase in demand for pickups, SUV’s and cars. The good news also included an increased share of the U.S. market for the blue oval, with an annual rate of 12.3 million.

The auto maker has now won 16.7% of the market in the first 10 months of this year. Of 17 analysts covering Ford, 11 recommend buying shares, five advise to hold, and only one recommends selling.

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  1. Rock & Roll says:

    The auto market has a lot of pent up demand that will come on strong in the near future as cars get old. Ford will be a major benefactor of that future market growth because a lot of people can now see the connection between buying a car built in Michigan/USA and the local and nation economy.

    A lot of people who bought a fancy foreign car to save $1,000 and then lost 3/4 of the value on their biggest investment their home will see the wisdom of buying Ford, GM and Chrysler in the future.

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