older people As Boomers Age, 1 In 5 Drivers Will Be OldstersBaby boomers begin turning 65 in January, and experts say keeping those drivers safe and mobile is a challenge with profound implications.

The National Transportation Safety Board says more than one in five licensed drivers will soon be 65 or older. Many are likely to have medical conditions that can affect their driving.

Smarter cars and better roads may help them stay behind the wheel longer. But eventually most people will outlive their driving ability. And since fewer Americans relocate when they retire, many of them will continue to live in suburban homes.

Experts say a lack of mobility could lead many older people to feel under house arrest.

The board holds a forum this week to better understand safety risks for older drivers.

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  1. Al Kovacs says:

    Hey, this old Boomer Jabone plans on motoring on for many more years. At 61 I’m stronger, healthier, more fit than just about anyone 40 years younger. I maintain mental health as engineering educator and innovator of new technology. The new 40 is the old 65………must go now my caregivers are here to change my diapers.

  2. Despr8caregiver says:

    My father taught me many important lessons in the car. He trusted me to drive his beautiful yellow Thunderbird after I passed my driver’s test in 1957. But one of the biggest lessons I learned from him, he taught me after he had been diagnosed with mild dementia in the years just before he gave up driving. He would get in the car and ask himself out loud, \”Where am I? Where am I going? How do I get there?\”

    Bill and I now find ourselves asking one another those same questions in many life situations. Dad passed his car along to his grandson when he stopped driving himself. And he passed along some pretty great life wisdom to us. Both gifts were much appreciated.

    Inside Aging Parent Care

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