City leaders from around the nation are gathered in Detroit this week to share information on their best practices for renewing urban places.

The ‘Urban Leaders Summit’ held by the CEO’s for Cities Group, joined together to speak to the issue of  reshaping cities for the 21st century.

Speaking to  WWJ’s Pat Sweeting, Michigan Municipal League CEO, Dan Gilmartin stated, “I think there is a unique story about what is happening in Michigan cities which the conference focuses on, and with so many problems that we’ve had in Michigan for the last (three) decades, the rest of the country is starting to see (these same issues) now.”

Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, one of the panelists at the summit added,  “I think we know what we need to do, (and) we are putting a plan in place that will become public sometime in the first quarter, especially as it relates to land use, and that is a big issue in the city of Detroit.” 

Recognizing the importance of inner cities, Gilmartin went on to say, “the real importance that we have is leveraging these wonderful urban places, as places that are going to be thriving in the 21st century.”

The two-day conference ends today.

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