edmund fitzgerald ap photo1 35th Anniversary Of Sinking Of Edmund Fitzgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald, Associated Press file photo

35 years ago, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a massive storm on Lake Superior. While it’s a part of Great Lakes lore, many have clear memories of that fateful day.

The Fitzgerald battled the giant waves for hours, before it suddenly sank without sending any distress signals. The ship went down with all 29 members of its crew, ironically, just 17 miles from the safety of Whitefish Bay in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The sinking has been the subject of numerous books and songs, and diving explorations. One was headed by Fred Shannon, who said in a documentary, he thought he knew what to expect.

“However, I was not prepared for the circumstances surrounding the wreck,” Shannon said. “The total darkness, the feeling of alienation,” he added.

A special remembrance will take place starting at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 10, at the Dossin Maritime Great Lakes museum, and of course, the tolling of the bell at Old Mariners Church.

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