Canton Township-based Duo-Gard Industries Inc. Wednesday debuted its Lumenatrix Backlighting System, a single, sustainable structure that provides architectural illumination for commercial buildings.

Combining the latest LED lighting technology with translucent panels, Lumenatrix delivers high brightness, energy-efficient backlit columns to replace wall-mounted fluorescent light fixtures.

Ideal for architects, designers and specifiers concerned about winning LEED certifications for buildings, the advanced lighting system significantly lowers heat and power consumption by using as little as one watt per square foot.

Lighting represents 40 percent of the average commercial building’s electric bill, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Lumenatrix replaces outdated, power-heavy light fixtures and acts as a complement to existing daylighting systems.

Featuring integrated driver and optical components that support easily changeable LEDs, Lumenatrix also lowers maintenance costs by allowing regularly scheduled replacements once or twice annually, eliminating the need for emergency attention.

Each panel of Lumenatrix also consists of a structural power rail grid system that provides low voltage to the LED lights, which typically last more than five times longer than traditional fluorescent lights. Additionally, integrated thermal protection prevents each fixture from overheating. A unique heat sink design keeps the lights at 81 degrees, well below the standard target of 120 degrees for longevity.

“Today, we are offering the architectural and design community a new lighting system that can be customized to meet a variety of specifications for both small and large scale projects,” said David Miller, president of Duo-Gard. “Lumenatrix leverages the most advanced LED technology that can significantly lower power consumption and is a great option for buildings in sectors such as hospitality and medical. Our newest sustainable product serves as a proof point of our long-standing commitment in delivering energy-efficient products to the marketplace.”

To provide total ambient illumination, Lumenatrix panels can be fabricated as thin as 2.5 inches. They can use a natural and artificial light interface with many substrates, including translucent, light-diffuses glazing as well as stretched fabric panels. Designed for walls, ceilings, accents, canopies and facades, Lumenatrix is available as panels or tiles. Polygon tiles, available in multiple shapes, can be fabricated on a custom basis and supplied as individual tiles or as prearranged configurations. Additionally, they can be recessed or mounted into walls, ceilings and other architectural surfaces.

Lumenatrix is available as an entire prefabricated panel system with modular construction that allows for unlimited large sizes as well as polygon-shaped tiles as small as one square foot.

Duo-Gard will showcase Lumenatrix at this year’s Greenbuild in Chicago, Nov. 16-18, in booth number #1730.

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