When looking for activities to engage kids with education, do not count out groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Through the badges and “try–its” these activities give kids a reason and reward for many activities that have to do with science or health – the promise of badge for completing the requirements. Many science museums offer guides for how to use presentations or exhibits to earn a badge while you are there, and many also offer special workshops for scouting groups.

While a generation ago, scouting was mostly about camping and the outdoors, this has changed in many cases to activities to introduce kids to educational paths and careers they had not thought of.

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  1. astrowright says:

    Here, here! I couldn’t agree more. My exposure to many subjects that ultimately influenced my decision to become a scientist happened in just this way – environmental science merit badge prompted my first ecosystem observations, electronics merit badge put a soldering iron in my hand, and geology merit badge sent me rock-scrambling, each with fairly comprehensive reviews of terms and concepts. Great post!

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