WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports from China where she’s traveling with a Wayne County trade delegation.

So what would you pay for a license plate?

china trip marie 11 13 10 photo 1 Life In China Day 3 Of Wayne County MissionIt’s shocking to hear that here in Shanghai a license plate can run up to and beyond $30,000.  (I asked more than once, that’s the price) and if you can get something that’s considered a lucky number to the Chinese…well the price goes up!

Friday and Saturday nights are a huge night for weddings in China.  china trip marie osborne 11 13 10 photo2 Life In China Day 3 Of Wayne County MissionHere at the Shanghai Renissance Hotel a room is being readied for the arrival of the bride and groom as “You’ve lost that loving feeling” in English, is being blasted over the loud speaker in the banquet hall.  Not exactly a wedding love song, but no one seemed the wiser.

For the last three days we’ve been traveling in the luxury of this electric bus.

china trip marie osborne 11 13 10 photo 4 Life In China Day 3 Of Wayne County MissionDonated for the use of the delegation by the company which builds the batteries in the vehicle.

In all of these meetings Chinese hospitality is ever present. Huge fresh flower arrangements are on all of the tables along with bowls of fresh fruit.  china trip marie osborne 11 13 10 photo 6 Life In China Day 3 Of Wayne County MissionSeveral young women are on had to serve tea or strong, sweet coffee for guests.

Be sure to check out WWJ.com for more on my trip and we’ll be posting an interview with Russell Sykes, Senior VP with Smith Group.  His architectural and engineering firm is helping build a massive R & D facility for a Chinese Car company in Northern China.  What’s it like to work with the Chinese?  Sykes says it’s an unbelievably rewarding experience.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is leading the 26-member Michigan group, which began an eight-day schedule Friday. Private funds are paying for the trip. Ficano’s office said the group will meet with Chinese government officials, an electric carmaker, trade associations and others during their visit to four cities.

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