elecfocusbox Ford Bringing Electric Focus To Detroit in Late 2011

Electric Ford Focus

Detroit is among about 20 U.S. cities selected by Ford to debut the automaker’s all-electric Focus, which is slated to arrive in late 2011. 

David Finnegan from Ford believes customers are ready to make the transition to an all-electric vehicle.

“I think we’ve seen that we’ve adopted that, we’ve adopted many new technologies — your blackberry, your cell phone, our laptops. I think it’s just making that evolution into our automobiles as well,” Finnegan said.

Finnegan also suggested that customers of the Electric Focus would need to think about cars in a different way.

“When we look at electric vehicles, I think customers need to, will need to shift their paradigm to think a little bit more about ‘how much do I need to use on a daily basis’,” he said.

The Focus will be Ford’s first all-electric passenger car. Some of the other cities chosen to be first to market the Electric Focus include Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago and Seattle.

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  1. Richard Bush says:

    What will the range be for this car? I drive 83 miles round trip per day…and would love to never stop at a gas station, except to put air in my tires, ever again.

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