jobs unemployment Thousands Losing Jobless Benefits In MichiganOn the same day we get Michigan’s latest jobless report, there’s some new information on the number of people who have already lost – as well as those who are about to lose – their jobless benefits.

WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick says the numbers are staggering.

According to Norm Isotalo of Michigan’s Unemployment Office: In “September 2010, we estimate that 47,000 workers will exhaust their unemployment benefits. In October, it’s gonna be 48,900. In November: 46,700; December: 45,000. In January: 62,600.”

“Will it bottom out after that,” Skubick asked. “That does seem to be the peak,” Isotalo responded.

However, if Congress extends jobless benefits, those numbers will be saved. And, if that should happen, you can rely on WWJ Newsradio 950 to bring you all of the details.

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  1. Al Kovacs says:

    Again, Michigan business needs to hire more Michigan workers. As more Michiganders lose their ability to pay taxes and mortgage the state will lose these people as they move to find work. This underscores the need of the American economy to hire American workers than outsourcing employment. Capitalism must support this country’s economic structure.

  2. DocPlum says:

    These numbers do NOT include those people who have already lost their benefits and for whom there are no more extensions, and have not been for months now. I have no idea what those numbers are, but they exist. And it feels like those people have become “invisible.” Some may have left the state; some may be “underemployed” – they may be working part time jobs; or more than one job, and making considerably less than they were before being laid off. Like I said, they SEEM to be invisible. There’s no one selling apples on the corner; there are no photos of people in long bread lines. They seem to have somehow gotten “lost” in the process. I really wonder about this.

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