cat Missing Cat Found After 3 YearsIt’s a heartwarming story, just in time for the holiday season.

After three years of roaming the streets, Harrison the cat is back at his Muskegon home where he belongs. After being caught in a live trap, Harrison was taken to the Harbor Humane Society. That’s where he met Front Office Supervisor, Jill Bannink-Albrecht, who was able to reunite him with his owner, thanks to a microchip that was implanted inside of him.

“When I got the card, I called in the microchip and I called the vet clinic, that’s where it traced back to, and … the girl that picked up the phone started crying, and everyone in the office was crying,” Bannink-Albrecht told WWJ Newsradio 950. “I’m like ‘what’s going on,’ and they didn’t believe me, actually. And, I said, no he’s here; Harrison’s really here.”

Bannink-Albrecht called it a “miracle” that the cat survived – especially since its front claws had been removed.

Albrecht added that when owner, Terri Essex, and Harrison were reunited, both were shaking but, obviously, very happy to be back together again.

Essex says she always suspected that Harrison had found a way to survive. She says it sounds like he was just “free-roaming all this time.” When found, Harrison still had his collar on.

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  1. Christine Karas Rygiel says:

    Harrison the cat looks a lot like Noodles…imagine being reunited with his family after 3 years roaming the streets—those microchips are awesome

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