air travelers Tips For Holiday Travel SeasonThanksgiving is just a few days away — and Metro Airport will be very busy. WWJ’s Vickie Thomas spoke with Mike Conway spokesman for the Detroit Metro Airport about tips for the hectic time.

“There will be traffic, more traffic than normal, more passengers than normal, the check-in lines will be kind of long. So you might want to give yourself a little bit of extra time, if you’re traveling around the holidays,” Conway said.

Since the airport policies can really change in just a few years, Conway recommends getting up-to-date.

“Visit our website, because there’s a lot of good information on our website, also TSA’s website, he said.

“If you haven’t traveled for a while, just knowing what the prohibited items are in carry-on and in checked luggage, knowing what the airline weight limits are on checked bags, so there’s no surprises, you’re not repacking your bags in the ticket lobby, those kinds of things,” Conway added.

Mike Conway also reminds those picking up friends and family to wait in the cell phone parking lot.  Idling in the pick-up areas is illegal.   

Brush up on travel regulations on the TSA site or the Metro Airport website.


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