dragging death trial Pair Gets Life In Prison In K Mart Dragging Death

Samantha Lomasney and James Woodworth enter the courtroom (WWJ Photos/Pat Sweeting, File)

Two people have been sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in the death of a K-Mart security guard. Family members of Greg Wainio delivered victim impact statements Tuesday during the sentencing in Oakland County Circuit Court of 39-year old James Woodworth and 20-year-old Samantha Lomasney.

Greg’s wife, Julie , said her husband worked two jobs to support his family.  She said their children ask a lot of questions.

“We talk about him.  There’s not a day that goes by when the girls don’t ask about him. And, they want to know, why? He was so young. Why did he have to die? Why did these people have to do this?” she said.

“I remind them of all the reasons why we carry him with us.  He’s still alive in us,” she said.

Wainio, 36, who worked as a loss prevention officer, suspected the pair of stealing CDs from the store on Highland Road. Police said he grabbed onto the couple’s vehicle while Lomasney was driving and was dragged more than 200 feet. Wainio was crushed when the vehicle hit a concrete pillar.

Prosecutors told jurors that the defendants’ actions were intentional, while defense attornies argued that the couple panicked and didn’t know that Wainio was attached to the car. Woodworth and Lomasney were found guilty of first degree felony murder and robbery by seperate juries on October 12th.

Greg Wainio’s brother, John Wainio, said he believes Woodworth and Lomasney should have been sentenced to death for their crime.

“My one nephew is terminally ill and my brother should have been able to bury his son — and, he can’t. And it was his sons that had to bury their dad. And, in my opinion, they have no right to  breather another ounce of life on this earth,” he said. “I would be a big advocate and would stand behind, you know, people who wanna fight for the death penalty in the state of Michigan… I believe, in this case, an eye for an eye.”

Both Woodworth and Lomansey told the family they were sorry for what happened.

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