Could Lions QB Matthew Stafford Be Like Phil Simms?

What happens when an NFL quarterback is a first-round draft pick, but a separated shoulder and a knee injury force him to miss a lot of games early in his career?

What happens when the “injury prone” label starts to be thrown around and fans become impatient and critical?
What happens is Bill Belichick gets to explain 30 years later how Phil Simms overcame those problems — which Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is now facing — to become a Super Bowl MVP.
“I remember when I was with the Giants and we drafted Phil Simms in ’79,” Belichick, a Giants coach in 1979-90, said Tuesday in a conference call with Detroit reporters. “He had a couple tough-luck years right at the beginning of his career and wasn’t able to really become the first couple (years) what the expectations were when he was drafted with the … seventh pick in the first round, whatever it was. And there were a lot of fans and media and people that thought this guy’s a bust and he’s injury prone and he’s going to always be hurt and all that. for more

  • Marcus

    I hope not. But this isn’t the 70’s either. People don’t have patience anymore nowadays. Lets just hope that we aren’t impatient enough to let this kid go and then he goes to another team and becomes a superstar….but then again star spelled backwards is rats…lol..smh

  • Jose

    Stafford wil never be healthy until the offensive line can protect him.

  • Tony

    There are two real problems with the Lions, one, they keep spending money on quarterbacks when it should be spent on the offensive line and two, the linebackers and secondary can’t tackle. DEFENSE wins games!

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