Jeff Riger- Steve Young Started To Go After Millen But Backed Down. What Do You Wish He Would Have Said!?

Click the “more” button to find out what Steve Young did say…

  • doug

    What does millen know he thought , Joey Harrington
    was good QB

  • tim

    It is a gross insult to us here in Detroit to have to watch that inconsiderate bum who drove our hapless NFL franchise into the ground. I’ve watched Steve Young bite his lip all year long. I’ve heard Chris Collinsworth refer to what Millen did here as “near criminal”. It’s about time someone, anyone, call him out on the fact that he doesn’t know how to evaluate talent, how to run a front office, how to be an accountable professional in the NFL. Eff him in the A!!!

  • shipdog7

    You and George W Bush had the same eight years tenure. He is considered the worse president of all time. Where do you think you rank among all time general managers. Thank you very much bro.

  • Doug

    OK Matt, you’re right, I don’t know what goes on in that lockerroom. Maybe you can ask some of your former draft picks or coaches who are on that team what goes on in that lockerroom? Well, that is if any of those guys are left in the league anymore.

  • Coop

    MIllen is a Bum and I will not watch games he works. Now disrespecting Steve Young. What a hot head.

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