Jordan Hall broke the game open with an 85-yard kickoff return and No. 8 Ohio State’s defense stymied high-powered Michigan 37-7 on Saturday, stretching the Buckeyes’ mastery in “The Game” to seven straight wins.

The Buckeyes (11-1, 7-1) picked up two celebration penalties after touchdowns but had a lot to celebrate: A share of a record-tying sixth Big Ten title and, most likely, a Bowl Championship Series bowl berth. for more

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  1. Michael Smith says:

    Not just jumping on the bandwagon here – been saying this since ‘Word One’ of ‘Rich Rod at Michigan’:

    “They wanted ‘The Rod’ and they got ‘The Rod …” Are you anti-Lloyd / Mo / Bo folks happy now??? The ‘Roid’ has GOT TO GO!

    Bo is surely spinning in his grave! … no doubt …

    The one thing that I’ll indeed credit ‘The Rod’ for: He’s (temporarily) cured my own obsession with Michigan Football – as very similarly as I’ve done with the Lions for decades – I now watch and listen to laugh – and I cannot tell you how much it pains me to admit that. Go Blue! – forever & regardless – and hurry here Mr Harbaugh – Pleeeeeease! ‘ASAP’ ain’t soon enough …

    And – in a cross between Jim Mora and John McEnroe … que the ballistic combined rants – “Bowl Game!? … Bowl Game??!! … Don’t talk to me about ‘bowl game!’ …. You Can Not Be Serious!!! …”

    Are you listening Mr Brandon??? …

  2. john says:

    this HAS too be it for RichRod!! he is in over his head, never acclimated to the traditions of M football. Possibles–Miles, Harbaugh, Trgvak. thanks

  3. glen says:

    We have to get rid of the throw back uniforms. They didnt even look like the Buckeyes. Wear them for non conference games but not for rivalries and conference games.

  4. Dean says:

    The offensive strategy used by Rich Rodriguez versus Ohio State was pathetic. Ohio State has a fast defense that flows to the football. Since Michigan doesn’t have the size and talent to match their skill level, why didn’t Rich try some misdirection or draw plays to catch Ohio State off guard? It looked like the same game plan that they run every week. Defensively, Michigan didn’t blitz as often as they needed to. When you run the 3-3-5 and the defensive backfield is lethargic, why wouldn’t you blitz and blitz often to try and generate some turnovers? Special teams was far from special. What Tony Gibson has accomplished is a joke. He needs to be fired. Two punts of 18 and 24 yards? Really? An 85-yard kick return for a touchdown? Between the tackles this is the worst team I’ve ever seen. I don’t see how it will be much better next season. There just appears to be no sense of urgency to win NOW. Rich Rod appears to be more concerned with the process rather than challenging his players to win now. Where is the passion and the fire in this guy to get the best out of his players? Maybe Lloyd Carr wasn’t the best coach, but he got the best out of his players. Rich Rod clearly does not.

    1. John Platt says:

      Jack- I have been a huge,huge,huge,MICHIGAN fan for a very long time.I cannot remember ever seeing a Michigan team as bad as this one.Our offense was not totally bad yet,our defense could not stop a drunk man with no legs and no wheel chair.Coach Robinson,and I use the term coach loosely,had not a clue about coaching defense,when was the last time that the orangemen were a football powerhouse.Robinson,knew nothing about big ten football,where the word smashmouth came from.Big ten teams come out and punish you,they do not care who you are,they come to hurt you,and Coach could not defend himself.I thought by the half way point,there would be some kind of improvement,there was none.The time has come to clean house,bring in new people and lets get on with it,and bring back the honor,pride,sportsmanship,toughness,lets bring back the deafning roar of 114 thousand strong,bring back the fear to opponents felt when walking into our house,LETS BRING BACK THE MOST WINNINGEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE LAND,LETS BRING BACK THE BIGGGGGGGGGG HOUSSSSSSSE.

  5. Dean says:

    If Michigan cannot get Jim Harbaugh, why not Brady Hoke?

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