wayne state university old main building e1281453621281 Campus Police Investigate Planned Attack At WSU

WSU Old Main Building (File)

Police say they have thwarted a planned attack at Wayne State University. Campus police, along with the FBI, reportedly have identified a student who they say threatened violence in an online posting.

Officers, who acted on a tip, searched the student’s Dearborn home, but found no weapons or ammunition. WSU Police Chief Anthony Holt stressed that the campus is safe.

“The safety of the students on campus is our number one concern. When we have a threat, we act immediately to it. We no longer feel that it’s a viable threat. If we did feel that it was a viable threat, there would be a number of postings; the campus would be closed; there would be a lot of proactive action taken,”  Holt told WWJ, Monday afternoon.

“There should be no concerns at all about coming to campus or actually partaking in what the campus is for —  for education,” Holt told WWJ, Monday afternoon.

The student, who Holt says cooperated with the investigation, has been banned from the Wayne State campus.

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  1. Jim says:

    Put his name, address, and other needed information out there, and let the veterans on campus pay him a visit. If you think I” profiling, well, I am.

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