burkhardt curtis 11 29 10 Youth Pastor Facing Sex ChargesA Grand Blanc man who served as a volunteer church pastor is accused of being a sexual delinquent, after Oakland County authorities say he exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl.

The alleged victim says it happened when Curtis Burkhardt, who is a youth pastor at First Baptist Church of Grand Blanc, took a group of neighborhood children to the “Clearwater Campground” in Brandon Township in August without prior approval from their parents.

Investigators say while traveling from Grand Blanc to the campground, Burkhardt allegedly talked with the 11-year old girl about sex. During this conversation Burkhardt was asking the young girl if she had ever seen male genitalia and asked questions regarding her older sister’s sexual activity.

The investigation also shows that while the girl and Burkhardt were having lunch at the campground Burkhardt insisted the victim sit next to him while he had his own five-year-old daughter on his lap. At this point he exposed his penis to the victim, according to the complaint.

Authorities were notified about the incident when the girl went home and told her sister who in turn told their parents.

The victim was interviewed by investigators at Care House and reported the same events along with an instance of being made to change clothes on a different occasion in the Burkhardt home.

Further investigation showed Burkhardt allegedly exposed himself to the victim’s older sister who is 16-years-old now, during an occasion when she was baby sitting.

Another victim, who is now a college student, reported unusual behavior by Burkhardt while she was also baby sitting for the Burkhardt’s approximately four years ago.

Burkhardt was previously charged and convicted of Indecent Exposure, but the conviction was taken under advisement and dismissed after he completed probation.

The initial victim from that case in 2001 indicates Burkhardt exposed his penis to her and her three-year-old daughter while at the McDonald’s in Grand Blanc.

He’s free on bond, but cannot have contact with anyone under the age of 18 (including his own children) and has to wear a tether.

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  1. Highborne101 says:

    I know this man a little over the last few years and he is a flippin creep. He has a history of making disturbing comments to girls and making them uncomfortable.
    He cant keep his eyes off young girls and likes to try and pry personal questions out of them.
    During a large gathering, when I went out of the house to talk to someone, she shortly came outside after me which was already peculiar because it was cold out and she normally would never come outside. After we were alone she told me that this guy pulled her to the side and started asking her questions about us, and that with a body like hers she could have anyone she wanted. She was 17 and I was 19 at the time.
    My own father also told me this guy made similiar comments to his wife.
    Whether or not this guy is guilty of all charges, I can understand where every accusation is coming from.
    This guy needs to learn boundaries.

    1. Followed Closely says:

      He was cuffed and taken to jail on March 2, 2012

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