The Detroit Symphony Orchestra says it is canceling concerts through Dec. 11 as a musicians’ strike continues.

The DSO said in a statement Tuesday the cancellations were approved a day earlier by the Executive Committee of the Board.

WWJ spoke with musicians’ union spokesman Hayden McKay.

“Certainly the muscians are disapointed to see more cancellations. We’re disapointed, not just for us, but for the audience,” McKay said.

“We do feel there’s a possibility of a settlement and we’re always open to it. But, right now, at the bargaining table they seem to be insisting on terms which are so low we just do not feel that they can keep up the great history of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and its future,” he said.

The financially struggling organization and its striking members last week held their first formal talks in two months, but failed to end the discord. The DSO says its most recent offer added $1 million to the musicians’s coffers.

Musicians have been on the picket line since Oct. 4. 
The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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